The project, Solbacka, is a special edition of my ongoing Intimacy Project portraits. I spent some time at Solbacka Integrationscenter in Sweden – a safe haven for newly arrived refugees to escape from their past, learn Swedish, and integrate into their new home as they await their immigration status from Migrationsverket.

Spending time with these warm souls filled me up as well and I will be spending a lot more time with Solbacka’s residents over the upcoming months, giving back through this personal portrait project.

The goal is to be with them in the moment. In the now. Because that is really what matters. They are safe and alive.

And I will wait until they are fully ready to tell me their very personal stories themselves, instead of me asking and prying it out of them just to share it with the world.

So my goal is simple. To celebrate their humanity, those moments of absolute joy and as they are today.

Visit the dedicated project website here.

Note – The photos are a mix of portraits of both refugees/asylum seekers and Solbacka staff.